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Wholesale Wedding Table Linens and Tablecloths

Table linens become a necessity for cover-up at a party, or to use as a casual placemat for everyday meals. Fancy-up your house with creative and elegant-looking table-linens and feel the change you can bring in the entire atmosphere. Table linens for a wide range of occasions, from small to large, to decorate tables, in an imaginative manner you wish.

The wide collection of discount table linens and tablecloths at Tulle Shop provides customers with a wide array of choices, to dress up the tables as per their style and theme. The extensive collection of linens is made from 100% pure quality materials, and is available in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and textures, to give your guests an overwhelming feeling, every time they walk in. Buy the delicate, versatile table linens at affordable prices.

Table Linens (9)

Fuchsia 14 Inch x 108 Inch Rosette Table Runner


Fuchsia - Organza Table Runners - ( 14 inch x 108 inches )


Fuchsia - 90 x 90 Square Satin Table Overlays


FUCHSIA - Lace Table Runners - ( 14 inch x 108 inches )


Fuchsia 72 x 72 Inch Square Satin Overlay


Fuchsia - 12 inch x 108 inch Pintuck Satin Table Runner


Fuchsia Duchess Sequin Table Runner


Fuchsia - Animal Print Satin Chair Sash - ( Pack of 10 Pieces - 6 inches x 106 inches )


Fuchsia - 7 inch x 108 inch Pintuck Satin Chair Sash - Pack of 10


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