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Polyester tablecloths are one of the most favored table covers, suitable for weddings, parties, dinners, as well as for household decoration. This is what we, at Tulle Shop, specialize in, offering the premium collection of polyester tablecloths in round, rectangular and square shape and colors. Whatever specific decoration or theme you have in mind, you can be rest assured that you will find the exact piece here, matching your requirements fully.

Made with 100% woven polyester, our finest collection of polyester tablecloths are stain and wrinkle resistant, and easy to wash and maintain. The tablecloths will not only create a charming essence for your party, but are also suitable to accent any existing décor. Match them with stylish chair covers and create a stunning visual experience for your guests. Order now at wholesale prices!

ROUND SQUARE RECTANGULAR Polyester Tablecloths (10)

Purple- 60 x 102 Rectangle Tablecloths - ( 60 inch x 102 inch )


Purple 120 Inch Polyester Round Tablecloths


Purple- 90 x 132 Rectangle Tablecloths - ( 90 inch x 132 inch )


Purple - 70 Inch Round Tablecloths - ( W: 70 Inch | Round )


Purple- 70 x 120 Rectangle Tablecloths - ( 70 inch x 120 inch )


Purple- 60 x 126 Rectangle Tablecloths - ( 60 inch x 126 inch )


Purple 90 x 156 Inch Polyester Rectangle Tablecloths


Purple 132 Inch Round Polyester Tablecloths


Purple 90 Inch Polyester Round Tablecloths


Purple 108 Inch Polyester Round Tablecloths


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