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Grosgrain Polka Dot Ribbons

Grosgrain Polka Dot Ribbons

Buy Grosgrain Polka Dot Ribbons to Gel with the Décor of Your Celebration

Tulle Shop carries elegant yet beautiful ribbons that are sure to brighten up your decorations. We offer grosgrain polka dot ribbons in a variety of colors including navy blue, orange, light pink, red, burgundy, yellow, and many other hues. These elegant, wholesale grosgrain ribbons will coordinate with wedding decorations, hairstyle decorations (hair bows), wrapping gifts and wardrobe decorations (collars, hats, lapels).

Whether for celebrations or decorations, Tulle Shop is the go-to supplier for grosgrain polka dot ribbons at wholesale prices. It's no surprise that our stock is extensive, and with such a huge inventory, it might be awesome to go through everything to try to find what you think may be best for your event or celebrations.

PLEASE NOTE: Photo shown is for color presentation only.  Size shown is 1-1/2 size.

3/8 Inch Polka Dots only have 1 Row of Bigger Dots because if it's size. 7/8 has 2 rows of bigger dots.

Our grosgrain ribbon options come in a variety of colors and widths, including polka dot patterns. Nothing says festivity and fun like polka dots! This cute pattern makes an excellent choice for whimsical craft projects, cheerful gift wrapping and gift accessories, and fun activities for children. Prices Shown are Per Spool Price, Not per Yard.