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2 DIY Ideas for Valentine's Day to Express Love, Care, and Gratitude

by michael wang on February 01, 2021

2 DIY Ideas for Valentine's Day to Express Love, Care, and Gratitude

Valentine’s Day is the day of love all about celebrating the love between two people. Holidays and celebrations are the perfect time for involving yourself in DIY creativities. There are a lot of things that you can make for decorating your home and add some excitement and festive cheer.

From garlands to easy ribbon heart, you can make anything to add a personal touch to your décor. It is ideal to find a reliable décor and craft product supplies for buying themed ribbon, tulle fabric, organza fabric, round polyester tablecloths, chair covers, flower petals, and many others. Here are some easy craft ideas that you can make at your home without spending too much money.

1. Fabric and Ribbon Valentine’s Day Garland

Fabric and Ribbon Valentine’s Day Garland

Whether you are decorating your home for the holidays or want to add a little shabby chic décor, the garland is one of the wonderful ways to dress your residence. You can easily make a fabric and ribbon garland. And you can also involve your kids in this DIY project.

Supplies That You Will Need

  • Fabrics and ribbons
  • Hemp cord
  • Scissors


Step 1:

First, cut the hem cord to the length that you want your garland to be.

Step 2:

After cutting the hemp cord, select the base pattern for your garland. You can either choose themed ribbons or double-side satin ribbons. You can easily find a wide color of satin ribbons at wholesale prices at a craft store, so grab one of your favorite for making garland.

 Step 3:

After that, pick fabrics, cord, and other items that match your primary pattern. You don’t need to choose all things matchy; you are able to choose little variety in styles and textures. Make sure, you have all the items in sufficient amount.               

Step 4:

Now, start to cut your fabrics, ribbons, and hemp cord into 8-inched long strips. You can also make them longer if you want. But remember, the strip should be knotted in the middle over the cord.

Step 5:

After completing this step, layout your strips into a pattern and tie your fabrics and ribbons over the hemp cord.

Step 6:

After adding the pattern, now it’s time to add loops to the end of your hemp cord. Your project is completed and now it is ready to hang.

2. Easy Ribbon Heart

Ribbon Heart

Materials You Will Need:

  • A glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Paper in red, light and dark orange, and multi-colored
  • Red ribbon


Step 1:

After gathering all the supplies, start by cutting the paper strips, which will be the body of your hanging heart. You need to turn each paper portrait-wise so the long edges of the paper become the sides and the short edges become the top and bottom. Cut two multi-colored strips, two red stripes, one dark orange, and one light orange.

Step 2:

After choosing your strips, cut them into descending lengths to create the perfect layers.

Step 3:

Cut the 4-inches long piece of red ribbon and fold it in half to meet the two ends and making a loop. Now, you need to apply glue to the inside surface of the ribbon and stick both ends together.

Step 4:

Now, begin with your shortest piece of paper for making the smallest inside layers of your heart hanger. To bring the two ends together fold the paper in half and also crease the paper at the middle where it curves for making its center. It will help you in easily making your heart shape.

Before gluing your heart in its place, put your ribbon loop in and create your layers. You should also apply glue to the outside of your smallest strip. It will help you in making a perfect structured heart shape. Repeat the process for the remaining hearts.

These are some amazing Valentine’s Day craft ideas for adding a little bit of personal touch to your decoration. You can find one of the leading online fabric and craft stores for buying personalized ribbons, fabrics, chair covers, polyester round tablecloths, napkins, flower petals, and many others.


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