5 Steps to Create an Outstanding Faux Molding with Grosgrain Ribbon

5 Steps to Create an Outstanding Faux Molding with Grosgrain Ribbon

Adding drama can be challenging in newer homes, where the interior style is especially pared down. Presently because the bones of space are simple doesn't mean you can't have some fun with classic fine points. With a coat of gray-blue paint and a spool pg black grosgrain ribbon, you can create wall panels with faux molding the transform your plain bedroom in one day.

The best thing about ribbon is that it held in the place by upholstery tacks. It is ideal to buy all craft products and decor items like fabrics, ribbons, polyester table skirts, chair covers, and many others from a reliable fabric supplier to make your craft budget-friendly. Below, I'm going to share some tips for creating an elegant faux molding with ribbon.

Materials You Will Need:


Step 1: Prep and Layout

This step is optional, but if you want to paint your walls, then it is essential to do it before anything else. You can paint the wall in your bedroom.

Step 2: Trace Out Your Molding Designs

After that, mark the corners for the outermost frame in each of your moldings. By using pencil and measuring tape you can mark all outer frame layouts on the wall. To make sure your lines are straight or not, follow the floor, ceiling, and corners.

Create an Outstanding Faux Molding with Grosgrain Ribbon

Step 3: Crete the Outer Frame

Start by cutting a large length of grosgrain ribbons that should long enough for going all the way around each of your outer molding frames.

After that, start at one of your marked corner and secure the ribbon to the wall by using an upholstery tack. You should also make sure, it's not too firmly affixed since it's used only for keeping the ribbon in place.

Again, align your grosgrain ribbon to the next corner and fold it so that it creates a right angle. And after that secure the fold with another upholstery tack.

Continue fixing the ribbon to all the corners of your frame, and folding and securing each corner with a tack.

After reaching the first corner again, trim the ribbon a half-inch longer than needed, and also fold the raw edge under. Remove the first tack and secure both ends of the ribbon with the same tack.

Step 4: Create the Interior Key Designs

For creating an extra classical flair, create a key pattern for your interior corners. For the beginning, use an upholstery tack to poke small holes in your template. After that align your template with the inside corner of the outer frame and use a pencil to transfer your design to the wall by using the pinholes.

By using your corner markings align your grosgrain ribbon and fold it for creating the right angles at corners. and secure them with an upholstery tack. And repeat this process for each frame to which you want to apply this pattern.

Faux Molding with Grosgrain Ribbon

Step 5: Bring in Chic Finishing Touches

To give finish touch, you can hang a beautiful piece of vintage canvas painting in the panel about the bed for a focal point.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can create an amazing faux molding with ribbon. You can find one of the best craft supplies suppliers for buying fabrics, ribbons, wedding table linens, chair bows, and many other products at wholesale prices.

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