5 Things That You Can Use to Make the Perfect Halloween Goodie Bags

Halloween is a magical time of year and at this time you are likely used to handing out sweet treats to young trick-or-treaters. Rather than passing out candy, consider making trick-or-treat gift bags for your neighborhood goblins and phantoms.

Goody bags are a type of party or event favor bag that are given out to show appreciation to your guests who have made it at an event that’s being hosted. Whether you are hosting a Halloween party or maybe giving out some items to the trick-or-treaters knocking on your door, Halloween themed goody handmade bags created by ribbons and cheap organza bags, are the perfect gift to give out that everyone can look forward to and enjoy.

5 Things That You Can Use to Make the Perfect Halloween Goodie Bags

Here are some ideas to make the coolest Halloween goody bags with organza bags:


1. Give Useful Items

Halloween themed school supplies can help the kids to keep the season alive for a bit longer. You can look for orange and black pencils and decorative erasers to include in your goody bags.

2. Stickers are Fun

Everyone enjoys stickers, whether they are adults or kids. You can grab a pack of Halloween and fall-theme stickers at your local party supply store. For making the most of your pack, cut the sheets into small stickers squares and include a couple in each bag.

3. Pumpkin Seeds

You can give the gift of a home-based pumpkin patch and save the pumpkin seeds you scoop out of your craving pumpkins, and rinse them and let dry them. You can pack a few seeds in each bag with a note to help kids plant their own pumpkins. If kids successfully start the plant then they could be able to carve a pumpkin they harvest from their backyard next year.

4. Make Halloween Bookmarks

Buy a paper of construction paper at your local arts and craft store and encourage your kids to help you create a lantern bookmark. Cut the paper for orange pumpkin shapes and the black triangle for eyes and let your kid help you glue the paper together and draw on a toothy smile for the perfect spooky bookmarks.

5. Halloween Bracelets

You can also make Halloween bracelets. For this, you can also involve your kids in making your goody bags by having them help you make bracelets. You can use bright orange, black, and glow-in-the-dark pony beads on the elastic string. To make this, you can use alternate colors or can also string them in a random order. Kids of all ages enjoy Halloween and your kids will also like helping you to create a personalized, sugar-free goody bag for your neighborhood trick-or-treaters.

When you have your goodies assembled, pack them in an organza bag and wrap that elegantly and stylishly with a grosgrain ribbon.

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