6 Creative Summer Craft Ideas to Spark Creativity and Cure the Boredom

Summer calls for superbly long days that are perfect for playing outdoor games, firing up the grill, and trying some new recipes for delicious barbeque parties and summer desserts. And though the kids are home from the summer, it is great to dig out the craft bin and get the entire gang tangled in making a fun summer craft.

One of the wonderful ways to welcome warmer weather with open arms, and an awesome way to spend quality time with the little one in your life, is crafting. It is ideal to find an online wedding and craft product supplier for purchasing ribbons, fabrics, chair covers, deco mesh, flower petals, rhinestones, and many others. Below, I’m going to share some of the best summer DIY craft ideas to get in the seasonal spirit.

  1. Paper Watermelon Pinwheels

You can celebrate summer’s iconic fruit by crafting paper pinwheels with rickrack stripes. You can send the kids out back to scurry around the yards with sticky watermelon fingers and toys in hand.

For making this craft, start by cutting two pieces of stacked red and green paper into 8 1/2-inch squares, and then cut four slits into each from corners toward the center. After that, fold points in and glue them in place. Now, attach the rickrack and then secure the straws using pins.

  1. Cane Webbing-Covered Votives

The wine is flowing, the cicadas are active, and these cane webbing-covered votives are definitely setting the mood at your courtyard cocktail party. You can easily make it to your home.

Simply start to measure the height and edge of a glass votive holder and cut caning to fit around the holder. After that, spray the back with adhesive spray and attach it to the glass. Now, cut a piece of flat cane to the diameter of the holder and attach it to the top and bottom boundaries using hot glue.

  1. DIY Hanging Baskets

You can stock summer produce in your cute, easy-to-craft hanging baskets. You just require a few materials on hand including cane webbing, wood rounds, and jute rope.

For making your own hanging basket, cut a 3-inch-tall-strip of caning slightly longer than the boundary of a wood round. After that, hot glue the bottom edge of the strip around the outside edge of the wood for creating the sides of the basket. Now, strand twine through the caning and attach using hot glue, leaving sufficient length for threading through a second basket, if required. Again, hot-glue lengths of flat reed around the top and bottom of the basket. At last, tie twine together at the top for hanging your basket.

  1. Printed Napkins

Napkins are the focal point of a perfect table setting and the cane webbing printed napkins will not disappoint in that department.

Start by creating a stamp by cutting a four-inch square of caning. After that, brush fabric paint on the front side of the caning, and press caning on an off-white napkin. Repeat this process for lining up the pattern as best you can, till one side of a napkin, is fully enclosed.

  1. Croquet Mallet Bud Vase

You can display summer blooms in a cute bud vase that is crafted from the head of a croquet mallet.

To make your own bud vase, eradicate the handle of a mallet and then drill a 3/4-inch hole on either side of the innovative hole, layout evenly. Plane the beneath of the mallet, or stick to self-adhesive rubber dots for keeping it from rolling. You can place a glass test tube in each hole and fill it with water and then add flowers to your bud vase.

  1. Croquet Ball Candleholders

You can transform colorful croquet into a candle holder that will take pride in place on a summer table. For making this summer craft, drill holes in croquet balls that are the same diameter as the bottom of a taper candle. You should use epoxy glue for attaching a one-inch metal washer to the bottom of the ball to keep it from rolling. At last, insert your candles into drilled holes.

These are some amazing DIY summer craft projects that you can make with your kids. You can find a reliable wedding and craft product supplier for buying ribbons, fabrics, chair covers, table runners, silk flower petals, organza favor bags, and many others.