How to Make a Wonderful Easter Wreath with Burlap Ribbon?

Celebrate Easter and the entrance of spring with decorations and seasonal traces to host family and friends in the cutest of environments. Make an Easter wreath using burlap ribbon and this craft idea brings a rustic trace to your spring home decor.

Today, I’m sharing an easy and beautiful craft idea for an Easter wreath. The burlap ribbon provides it a rustic appearance - and the Easter eggs and bright purple enunciations make it look fun and cheerful to adorn any home for spring.

Easter Wreath with Burlap Ribbon

What You Need:

  • Wide burlap ribbon or garland
  • 4 pack of burlap ribbon rolls or 6-pack of rolls
  • 16-inch wire wreath
  • 1–18-foot spool of 2.5-inch-wide Easter themed ribbon
  • 1–18-foot spool of 2.5-inch-wide purple satin ribbon
  • Unfinished wood oval
  • Black chalkboard paint
  • White paint pen
  • Thin pink ribbon
  • Faux Easter eggs
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks


Step 1: Weave Ribbon Through the Wire Frame

Start by tying the burlap ribbon to the wreath frame along with the two accent ribbons. One by one, turn and weave the ribbons over the wreath frame alternating the enunciation ribbons after 2-3 burlap twists.

Each period you finish one of the ribbons or complement spools, tie your split ends on the wire wreath to grasp them in place. Keep going everywhere the wire wreath frame up until it’s full.

Step 2: Paint and Attach the Signs

Find an unfinished oval wood sign and dye it with chalkboard paint to give it a rustic look. You may need to do some coats to get the favorite coverage. You could sorrow it as well if you want.

After that, use a white paint pen for drawing the first initial of their last name on the center of the Easter egg. You can use a pattern to write the letter and let the letter “S” dry between coats. To get the white paint to appear like chalk, you should use a few coats.

When the symbol is dry entirely, ascribe the ribbon to the back using a hot glue gun. Then tie the symbol to the topmost of the Easter wreath.

Step 3: Elaborate on the Easter Wreath with Eggs

The Easter eggs generally come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. If you love the variety, use different kinds in the Easter wreath.

Step 4: Create a Big Loopy Bow

Use a purple color ribbon for making a bow to accentuate the Easter wreath. The loopy purple bow will turn out just as big and vivacious as you want. Loop a long portion of wire over the midpoint of the bow then use wire for ascribing the big loopy bow to the wreath edge.

Fold the ends of the ribbon in half steeply and cut them at an angle. This will give the tail of the loopy bow a more pretty finished edge. It will look attractive when you will hang it down from the Easter wreath.

Step 5: Enjoy and Hang Your Easter Wreath

You have some amazing options to hang the Easter wreath on your wall. One way is to dangle the wire wreath frame on a long nail in your wall. Additional options would be to tie a loop of ribbon to the back of the burlap wreath. Then use that for hanging the Easter wreath on your wall.

By following the above-mentioned wreath, you can make a beautiful wreath. You can find a reliable wedding and craft product supplier for buying organza ribbon, burlap ribbon, chair covers, table runners, favor bags, and many others at discounted prices.