Wedding Decoration Ideas You Need to Know For Your Intimate Wedding

Without wedding decorations, no wedding can be truly completed. Your decorations can you’re your special events into the magical one that you have always dreamed of. Wedding decoration is not easy as it seems, it requires a lot of thought and careful preparation. Planning a wedding yourself is a completely different level and requires a lot of work. Therefore, before you go out to explore wedding decorations, please prepare yourself with some basic decoration knowledge and make sure you have done the checklist already.

wedding deco ideas

This COVID-19 pandemic has changed the wedding plans of many people. They are having an intimate wedding with some special friends and relatives. Many people are not booking a big venue and many people want to get married in their home or any outdoor place near them.If you are also one of them and doing your wedding arrangements at your own, it will be quite hectic and stressful for you.You will be confused from where to start first, what should you decorate first? As long as you focus on these basic wedding decoration elements, you don't have to decorate every single corner to make a great impact on your guests.

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Follow the decoration ideas mentioned below:


Start your decoration from entrance gate. Entrance is main entry point that grabs your guest’s attention first. Depending on your location, there are different options for the wedding ceremony entrance area. Your entrance can be marked by a church door, an arch gate or even two huge vases. Regardless of any kind of entrance gate, make sure it does not look ordinary. Decorate your entrance with flowers, ribbons, garlands, balloons or any other element you can think of.


One of the most important moments at the wedding, when you walk crossed through the aisle and makes a grand entry. So basically, wedding aisle decoration is something you need to consider. The decoration of the wedding aisle really depends on you, which decoration you like best. You want to keep it simple or bold and bright. You can use twinkling fairy lights to decorate your aisle with light if your wedding is at night.

Wedding Stage

wedding stage

Wedding stage is the center of attraction or focus of every wedding reception. In fact, many professional decorators recommend that you spend most of your decorating budget on the stage decoration. This is not surprising, as your stage will be the main focus of the event and the backdropof almost every wedding photo. You can use chandeliers, backdrops, flowers and any decorative items you like to decorate your wedding stage.


If you’re thinking of seating areas or dining area where your guests can sit and can enjoy your wedding and delicious foods, drinks, then it is essential to decorate the seating areas with centerpieces. Even if you have a standing party, VIP tables and family dining tables still need some core accessories like centerpiece.Don't be too fancy, just cover the table with tablecloths and put simple centerpiece like flowers in glass jars can work just as well. You can also put colored mason jars with floating candles.With the right centerpieces, your guests will feel special and appreciate how beautiful everything looks.

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Lighting is an essential element because it enhances the entire wedding venue’s atmosphere and makes all the decorations look alive. If you want a dreamy and fairy tale wedding, you can decorate your venue with lights. You can use led lights, chandeliers, or candles to add little touches of light to make your decorations look great.

Table Settings& Seating Area

Table Setting & Seating area

This is especially important for sit-down dinner. To arrange the seating areas for your guests, please make sure that they have pretty decoratedround tables and wedding chairs in front of them. Before settling down with one type of chair, browse the Internet to see the most popular types of wedding chairs out there.

Above decoration ideas are enough for your small intimate wedding. You can buy decorative items online or from any retailer stores. Find a reliable fabric or wedding supplier to buy 120 inch round tablecloth, wedding chair covers, tulle fabric, organza fabric, chair sashes, etc. at the best price.

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