6 Amazing Ways to Use Lace for a Vintage Wedding Theme

6 Amazing Ways to Use Lace for a Vintage Wedding Theme

Brides who use lace for their wedding are the ones who like things simple, yet elegant. Lace is perfect for creating a dreamy setting. It also adds the right amount of vintage magic to elevate any celebration. The ranges and variety in lace come as no surprise. The choices are endless and the results are simply outstanding.

Whether you are planning a surprise bridal shower for your best friend and or a control freak bride taking charge of organizing the wedding, lace is perfect for decorations. It is ideal to find a fabric supplier to buy different types of fabrics including lace, polyester, burlap, silk, and satin fabric at wholesale prices to get the best style finish. Here are some secret ways to use lace for a vintage or bohemian wedding theme:

1. Play Smart with Lace Wedding Invitation

Invitation of any variety indicates the theme to your guests and for a lace wedding, fine details can go a long way. You can choose a lace ribbon to wrap around the invites or cut a piece and add them to decorate your invitations.

2. Lace Decoration For Cakes

Now the trend taking the cake industry by rainstorm is the appetizing cake lace. This new entrant is a blessing for brides wanting to extend their theme to the wedding cake.

3. Lace Wedding Table Decoration

Setting a lace wedding decoration is an extremely effortless and amazing process. With the lace fabric doing all the talking, all you need to do is place a simple table, cover it with fancy lace table cover or runner, and place vintage crockery with the floral décor on it and complete the set with a beautiful and classic centerpiece. To secure your tablecloth and give a perfect look to your table, use a table skirt clip.

table decoration

4. Décorate the Chair

You can tie the lace material adding little flower elements or enhancement or simply tie a bow or cover it up. Either way, the graceful design is to make your chair stand out.

5. Lace Wedding Centerpieces

Mason jar is widely used as wedding centerpieces because their unique shape simply sets an earthy tone to any setting. You can use burlap and lace to dress your centerpieces. Simply wrap burlap and lace around the mason jars and throw in your favorite flowers.

wedding center piece

6. Wedding Photo Booth

Today, no wedding or pre-wedding, even birthday parties are complete without the addition of a photo booth. You don’t need to be a professional to set this up. You can use lace for creating an awesome wedding photo booth décor in an assortment of styles and ways.

These are some amazing ways to use lace for a vintage wedding theme. You can find a fabric supplier to buy all types of wedding décor materials including ribbons, tablecloths, chair covers, flower petals, and lace fabric at wholesale prices.

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