How to Make a Rustic Wedding Pocket Invitation Card

How to Make a Rustic Wedding Pocket Invitation Card

People never tire of polka dots. This beautiful new design gives a really rustic edge to a classic design. You can make a lot of things including garlands, hair accessories, bows, and many others yourself by using polka dots. It gives an amazing look to any DIY project and also makes your decoration fabulous.

This ribbon comes in an exclusive range of colors that makes it a more popular choice for decoration and DIY projects. You can also use this ribbon to make rustic polka dot wedding pocket invitation card and if the colors or patterns are just not right for you, choose a different ribbon such as grosgrain ribbon for making your DIY effective and stylish. With a few tweaks, you can make a rustic design that is perfect for you. Here are the instructions to make it:

Rustic Wedding Pocket

Pocket invitation


  • Booklet pocket invitation in craft
  • Ribbon
  • One sheet of polka paper in craft
  • 2 sheets of craft card
  • 2 sheets of craft paper
  • Paper trimmer
  • Corner chomper
  • Tape runner
  • Glue gun
  • Mini mounting pads


Before making it, it is necessary to make templates for front tags. You will need two different two templates so make these:

Cut a piece of paper and fold in half, lengthwise. With the paper folded, use scissors to cut off the top corner. When you open the paper, it should leave you with tag shape. Again repeat this process to make another tag shape that will be slightly smaller than the one you just made.

  • First, print your front tag wording onto craft paper and cut down to size and hold your smaller template on top and use a scissor for cutting your tag shape. After getting a tag shape, use corner chomper on the 2 corners of your tag for creating round edges.
  • After that cut a piece of craft card and hold your large templates on top and use a scissor for cutting your tag shape. Again, use your corner chomper on the 2 corners of your tag for making rounded edges.
  • Use your tape runner to stick the printed panel on the larger tag and peel off some mini mounting pads and stick them around the edges of your tag. And stick the tag to the front of the card diagonally.
  • Tie a bow with red polka dot ribbon. Remember, you will need to tease the bow into shape. After matching the size and shape of the bow, use hot melt glue gun to stick it in to place at the top left of your card, covering the top of the tag.

Wedding Pocket Invitation Card

By following the above instructions, you can make a different and amazing wedding pocket invitation card to impress your guests.

Similarly, there are endless DIYs you can make for different purposes. And when you are doing it, then it is ideal to buy all the craft and décor material from a wedding supplier that provide the best wedding supplies including ribbons, fabrics, tablecloth, organza chair sashes, and other products at wholesale prices.

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