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Glitter Tulle Roll 6 Inch X 25 Yards – Buy Online at Reasonable

Whenever it comes to adding extra fun and shine to your crafts and décor, you can never go wrong with glitter tulle roll. Tulle Shop presents to you a huge selection of glitter tulle rolls in 6 inch and 25 yards sizes in vibrant color options like fuchsia, lavender, orange, brown, turquoise, apple green, and many more.

As this fabric is very easy to use, it is suitable for making tutus, wedding gowns, party decorations, home décor, gift wrapping, draping, curtains, and other crafting purposes. You can simply find your favorite piece from our wide tulle roll collection and incorporate it into your craft projects to impress your guest on special occasions. Everyone would love to see the magic of glitter and shine during celebrations.

Order glitter tulle roll online – available at economical prices!

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Glitter Tulle Roll 6 Inch x 25 Yards (8)

Fuchsia Glitter Tulle 6x25 Yards


Light Blue Glitter Tulle 6x25 Yards


Orange Glitter Tulle 6x25 Yards


Brown Glitter Tulle 6x25 Yards


Apple Green Glitter Tulle 6x25 Yards


Lavender Glitter Tulle 6x25 Yards


Turquoise Glitter Tulle 6x25 Yards


Shocking Pink Glitter Tulle 6x25 Yards


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